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Nontekverse - Straight Edge '4' Life! by snarfevs
Nontekverse - Straight Edge '4' Life!
Pay no attention to the baggie labelled 'angel dust' - that's quite literally the freeze-dried and pulverised remains of actual angels. Insufflation has no discernable effects either physiologically or eschatologically, it just makes an interesting conversation piece.
Disintegral - Going Dark by snarfevs
Disintegral - Going Dark
"Take a machete, and whack off his head, and you'll get a whole bucketful of DNA, so you can see it and test it. It beats lugging the whole body back!" - former CIA counterterrorism center director J. Cofer Black, as recounted in Jeremy Scahill's book Dirty Wars.

Another greyscale speedpaint, a few hours. For people who have been following my art for a sufficiently long time, this a reimagining of Shrike, now known as Cormorant to lower the number of characters with names starting with 'S' by one. He's a bit unpleasant.

Used one of Deharme's brushes.

To be clear, I am not a fan of Cofer Black, to put it mildly. But it's hard not to be impressed by the hard-on he gets over the thought of putting heads on pikes and suchlike. Jesus christ.
Disintegral - Bikini Snow by snarfevs
Disintegral - Bikini Snow
"I have lain with holy wars and copulated with the autumnal fallout" - Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs

A few hours all up.

'Bikini snow' was a colloquialism used by scientists after the nuclear tests at the Bikini Atoll to describe the radioactive dust of pulverised coral that fell across the area.

Used Deharme's brushes.
Nontekverse - We looked at the data by snarfevs
Nontekverse - We looked at the data
Nontek: "G'day mates! How are you going buddy mate? That's wonderful!"

Untek: "Oh god he's doing it again."

Nontek: "Everyone knows that I'm true-blue, dinky-di, Aussie as they come. I was born here. This is my island home. I love a sunburnt country!"

Untek: "That's not true! You're from a parallel omniverse you fraud."

Nontek: "Shut up! I'm doing my vlog. I'm as Australian as AMPOL!"

Untek: "This is asinine... I'm going time travelling. Later, loser. Or earlier, whatever."

Nontek: "Anyhow, there’s a lot of talk at the moment about Australia getting its own version of the Patriot Act. And I mean who can blame us? It's the Australian way to freak out and draft new laws!

But calling it ‘Australia’s Patriot Act’? that’s crazy talk - Australia has had its own Patriot Act since 2005. It’s the Anti-Terrorism Act (2005). Did you know that we’ve had a sedition law on the books for almost 10 years? It’s true!

Sedition as defined in this act means (among other things) to encourage the overthrow of the government by unlawful means.  It’s a form of incitement!

It’s also illegal to incite sedition. So do not under any circumstances encourage anyone to encourage anyone to overthrow the government by unlawful means. That’s TREASON you little TRAITOR. GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!

Encouraging someone to encourage someone to encourage someone to overthrow the government by unlawful means is okay. Do it. Go on, do it ya chicken.

Some people have suggested that the new laws that are being introduced are a massively disproportionate curtailment of our civil liberties. The Australian government disagrees, and to prove their point they would like you to mentally visualise the World Trade Center attacks times, like, a million. And you know, when they put it like that it seems reasonable. But here at Nontek UltraHeavy Industries we looked at the data and it turns out that you're over 830,000 times more likely to be killed by me than by a terrorist. And that's only counting accidental and quasi-accidental causes of death. Hell, you're 500 times more likely to be killed by the Skywhale Balloon. Obviously this is a much stronger argument for destroying crucial civil liberties. It's all about perspective."


I want you outside me
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

(caution: there's no going back™)
The Capybara

A man born with the head and feet of a capybara, little is known about The Capybara. Does he have uncanny capybara related powers? Son, I asked you a direct question!


In 1999, at the age of 16, he crashed the family car into the front of his home, doing superficial damage to the brickwork and incurring about $500 worth of damage to the bonnet, radiator and front bumper. He announced to no one in particular 'my life is over, I can't go back to how things were before' and has now been on a 15-year long spree of senseless violence and destruction.


Robs banks for the sole purpose of gluing all the coins to pavements. He must be stopped.


She puts curses on people and uses glamours to deceive them, which would mean something if magic were actually real.

The Homoeopathic Poisoner

"The entire municipal water supply?"
"My god."
"Can we drain it into the ocean?"


Not actually a villain, just looks like Hitler (seriously, he looks just like him!) and gets detained by heroes a lot on the theory that 'he must have escaped to Argentina! Gotcha now Adi! Come on guys let's just kill him. The Hague is too good for this asshole!'


Every time she loses her train of thought, reality glitches subtly. Other supervillains distract her all the time in hopes of generating enough cumulative errors to destroy the world.

Really Really Dodgy Looking Guy

'Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have to assume the worst. I mean just look at the guy. I'm getting a sense of generalised discomfort just looking at him.'
  • Listening to: Comaduster
  • Reading: Jeremy Scahill - Dirty Wars

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