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Disintegral - Quick Sketches by snarfevs
Disintegral - Quick Sketches
Trying some new sketching techniques.

Left: Adelaide, a Kale spacer. She's not actually blind - the eye patch is so that if she gets dazzled by a laser or nuclear landscaping event she can switch eyes.

Right: Sardonyx, an arrogant hard-arse. Former Grand Reconciliation soldier, now coordinates high-risk transport operations and the odd black-bag job for the government. Sarcenet's co-pilot.

Used a texture from Mayang Murni Adnin.
Disintegral - Lodestar by snarfevs
Disintegral - Lodestar
'And the eighth kingdom says of him that a cloud came upon the earth and enveloped a rock. He came from it. The angels who were above the cloud nourished him. He received glory and power there. And thus he came to the water.' - The Apocalypse of Adam
6 months on Ubuntu-only. Feels like yesterday.
Disintegral - Soul of a New Machine by snarfevs
Disintegral - Soul of a New Machine
Just some ideas I've had bumping around for a while. Krita, 3 hrs. Used brushes by GrindGod.

Desert Sorceress set from Dark Souls II.
Server Blade shield.
Turbine Blade +3.

I noticed that StTheo also had the rotor-blade-as-weapon idea...
Disintegral - Hips Don't Lie by snarfevs
Disintegral - Hips Don't Lie

I have no interest in Overwatch, but I am a connoisseur of asinine nonsense. And Tracer is actually a pretty good character design.

Krita, 2 hrs.
Disintegral - Eternally Descending by snarfevs
Disintegral - Eternally Descending
"Call me ignorant, maybe I was never smart / Like a wolf running high on adrenaline" - KMFDM

Krita, about 2 hours. FWIW, anatomy reference off SenshiStock.
Disintegral - Terthe, Western Hemisphere, Year 221 by snarfevs
Disintegral - Terthe, Western Hemisphere, Year 221
Just a rough political map with major landmarks noted.


- The first chapter of Disintegral takes place a few kilometers north of Spindrift.
- At this point in time, Namalin and the Equatorial Hegemony have agreed to stop trying to nuke each other.
- The borders between the Equatorial Hegemony, Namalin, Llerillel, Jith and Confregra are constantly in flux due to warfare.
- Namalin technically invaded ally Llerillel in 219 to capture and establish a corridor to the strategic port city of Narbe.
- The cities of Clay and Cantor's Garden were renamed Ash and Garden of Holocaust* in 212 and dedicated as memorial cities following their destruction by thermonuclear bombardment and the detonation of the Terthe Osculatorium.
- The island of Bast Sore is now uninhabitable following the detonation of the Terthe Osculatorium in 205.
- The island of Jarcassrhie is now virtually uninhabitable following the detonation of the Terthe Osculatorium in 205.
- The South Llerillel Republic is a vassal state of the Equatorial Hegemony and a really, really bad place to live.
- The Lorical Holding Zones were purchased from the Equatorial Hegemony and are privately owned by a consortium of Loricalese offworld companies.

* With apologies to Marc Ian Barasch



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(caution: there's no going back™)
The Capybara

A man born with the head and feet of a capybara, little is known about The Capybara. Does he have uncanny capybara related powers? Son, I asked you a direct question!


In 1999, at the age of 16, he crashed the family car into the front of his home, doing superficial damage to the brickwork and incurring about $500 worth of damage to the bonnet, radiator and front bumper. He announced to no one in particular 'my life is over, I can't go back to how things were before' and has now been on a 15-year long spree of senseless violence and destruction.


Robs banks for the sole purpose of gluing all the coins to pavements. He must be stopped.


She puts curses on people and uses glamours to deceive them, which would mean something if magic were actually real.

The Homoeopathic Poisoner

"The entire municipal water supply?"
"My god."
"Can we drain it into the ocean?"


Not actually a villain, just looks like Hitler (seriously, he looks just like him!) and gets detained by heroes a lot on the theory that 'he must have escaped to Argentina! Gotcha now Adi! Come on guys let's just kill him. The Hague is too good for this asshole!'


Every time she loses her train of thought, reality glitches subtly. Other supervillains distract her all the time in hopes of generating enough cumulative errors to destroy the world.

Really Really Dodgy Looking Guy

'Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have to assume the worst. I mean just look at the guy. I'm getting a sense of generalised discomfort just looking at him.'
  • Listening to: Comaduster
  • Reading: Jeremy Scahill - Dirty Wars

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