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Nontek's Nonventure! #1 by snarfevs
Nontek's Nonventure! #1
Bibi knows what's up.

Nontek Goes International!

With apologies to everyone in Israel, Iran and most other countries. Planning on getting at least one of these out a week.
With apologies to Neill Blomkamp by snarfevs
With apologies to Neill Blomkamp
Just a speedpaint. There's this one particular shot in Elysium that I just love where Max is scrabbling to get his gun out of the car and Kruger appears out of the dust behind him. So I reproduced it with Shard and Harrow.

Harrow is the character from this picture. He doesn't always wear the mask.

PS, about 1 hour, used Deharme's brushes and nobiax's textures.
You Came To The Wrong Neighbourhood by snarfevs
You Came To The Wrong Neighbourhood
A study of my favourite sculpture of all time, the Burney Relief, aka the Queen of the Night.

Recovered from what is now Iraq, almost 4000 years old. Believed to represent Ishtar, the first owner of a Devo hat. I think this would look awesome on a greatshield in Dark Souls.

PS, about 1.5 hours. Used Deharme's brushes. Used Nobiax's public domain textures.
Music of the Spheres by snarfevs
Music of the Spheres
"What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate" - Mark 10:9

PS, about 3 hours. Used Deharme's brushes. Inspired a bit by the Unwilling from the upcoming Doom game.
Dan Carlin by snarfevs
Dan Carlin
'Looking at the world through rose-coloured glasses with the lenses missing'

Contrarian podcaster and amateur historian.

PS. About 2 hours. Based on the portrait photo on his website. Not very accurate. Used Deharme's brushes.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali by snarfevs
Ayaan Hirsi Ali
"Avoiding offense means that we don't accept each other as equals."

Used the cover of 'Infidel' as reference. Flubbed some elements. Used HoustonSharp's brushes.
Study - Give Some Lip by snarfevs
Study - Give Some Lip
Some from reference. Some from imagination. Nominate your favourite, if you wish.

PS, about 2 hours.
Eskil Simonsson by snarfevs
Eskil Simonsson
"A fraction of a heartbeat made us what we are / A brother and a sister for better or for worse"

Eskil Simonsson is the vocalist for the Swedish EBM band Covenant. He has a very interestingly shaped face, which I may have exaggerated somewhat.

PS, about 3 hours. Only the PS simple brushes. Background was made with the help of Nobiax's public domain textures.


entartete kunst
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

(caution: there's no going back™)
The Capybara

A man born with the head and feet of a capybara, little is known about The Capybara. Does he have uncanny capybara related powers? Son, I asked you a direct question!


In 1999, at the age of 16, he crashed the family car into the front of his home, doing superficial damage to the brickwork and incurring about $500 worth of damage to the bonnet, radiator and front bumper. He announced to no one in particular 'my life is over, I can't go back to how things were before' and has now been on a 15-year long spree of senseless violence and destruction.


Robs banks for the sole purpose of gluing all the coins to pavements. He must be stopped.


She puts curses on people and uses glamours to deceive them, which would mean something if magic were actually real.

The Homoeopathic Poisoner

"The entire municipal water supply?"
"My god."
"Can we drain it into the ocean?"


Not actually a villain, just looks like Hitler (seriously, he looks just like him!) and gets detained by heroes a lot on the theory that 'he must have escaped to Argentina! Gotcha now Adi! Come on guys let's just kill him. The Hague is too good for this asshole!'


Every time she loses her train of thought, reality glitches subtly. Other supervillains distract her all the time in hopes of generating enough cumulative errors to destroy the world.

Really Really Dodgy Looking Guy

'Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have to assume the worst. I mean just look at the guy. I'm getting a sense of generalised discomfort just looking at him.'
  • Listening to: Comaduster
  • Reading: Jeremy Scahill - Dirty Wars

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Waiting for the part specification format of KSP to get more stable, and I'm busy with many many things. But eventually will get back to it.
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